Captain Bakero

In the end, it's always about the people São Tomé is a paradisiac African island. With its own vibe arises passion and hate! On what concerns to my feelings, theisland took my heart away. It’s not yet one of those popular destinations among backpackers, and before I traveled a lot of people tried to convince … Continue reading Captain Bakero


Yoga, did you know…

Hey! How is the week going? I wanted to wait a little longer to share this post since only two days ago I did another one on my Yoga Playlist, but I couldn't keep it any longer. There are a lot of misconceptions about yoga nowadays. The reasons are countless. I have decided to create a … Continue reading Yoga, did you know…

My own yoga story (in the last months)

I have been into yoga since I'm 11! I wish that meant I have been doing yoga since that age, but no, for years I was on and off. Around three years ago, without me making any serious decision about it, a little by accident, I've started to take classes regularly, around 4 times a … Continue reading My own yoga story (in the last months)

Small breaks – microadventures

Porto Portugal

A microadventure is an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding. Alaister Humphreys While I was growing up, my parents didn't really have the chance to travel far. After living for about a decade in Switzerland (I was born there) back to Portugal, and long story … Continue reading Small breaks – microadventures

Low budget traveling

Low budget trip! But how much is it? Traveling with a small budget gets easier and easier, increasing the number of travelers and trips. Although, this seems to be quite a subjective concept. First of all, it depends on the money you have. Low is quite easier when you have money because when you don't, every … Continue reading Low budget traveling

Please, 2018, be gentle

2017 was rough! It's funny how, even though I'm super positive all of the time, when I look back I tend to highlight the dark moments. 2017 was: Anxiety Too many expenses Not enough traveling Injuries Sleepless nights Living more other's dreams than my own 2017 was also a bunch of good things: Finally went … Continue reading Please, 2018, be gentle