The biggest trip

We all know so many books and stories about moments of life changing, the secrets, the positive things, etc.

This is not that kind of blog, but the truth is that I started by saying that I got the courage to start writing more, and showing it to others, since I found I could have cancer. It was cancer, and it has been the biggest trip of my life.

The strange thing today, while I can say it has gone (forever, I hope), is that it brought me more good things than bad. I’m not saying it was easy, because it’s not, just that in the end I’m and I’ve much more today than a year ago.

First of all, I found out I’m happy, and that I can keep my promise of being the happiest possible anytime, anywhere. What better than be happy? Does that mean I didn’t cry? I did cry, and it was good, I think it’s good to accept our bad moments, live them and go on.

I also got a healthier relationship with food. I decided to stop with all the sugar and salt. Crazy? Maybe! But I’ve found so many new flavours, and you can actually have sweets without using sugar. 5 months later I can say I feel better, with more energy, and my bad relation of love&hate with food is gone.

My relationship with my parents… I has always been good, but we’re just stronger now.

My relationship with myself. I can manage to do a lot 😉

There’s more, but I don’t want you to get bored. I was lucky enough to have the less aggressive cancer, so I was never afraid to die, to not make it. But I was afraid many times, my biggest fear was that it had affected other parts of my body, and it was not that simple anymore (someone lost my exams for more one year, so the story today could be a lot different).

My conclusion: bad moments in life can always turn in good things if you learn, I just wish to you and me that we don’t need to go through such things to do it. And that it’s very important to listen our body and heart.

I’ll come back soon with more trips. Real trips!


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