BlackNotebook Belgium Day 1

The flight to Brussels didn’t put me nervous, but I’ve notice many people couldn’t help to be afraid, since the terrorist attacks and a plane disappearence the day before. I tried to call down the couple next to me, after I’ve hated them for a little bit, before geting in the plane. I was nice to them and they retribute by asking some friends to help me finding the trains. In the end the woman was so happy that we were safe, she said “Seems we’ve made it this time!”

Already in the train, for 30 minutes I couldn’t be sure if I was in the right one. Before entering I’d some confusion informations from different people, and I’ve decided to get in, since it was about to leave. Ended up asking to some guy if we were in Ghent direction, and he even helped me finding the tram to the center of the city. In the tram there is no information about the stops, so while the tram stopped I quickly tried to look at the map and count how many there were still to the center, and I was counting it on my fingers. I was able to get off in the right stop and there I was, right in the middle of Ghent.

My first impression was that it was a grey town, but I knew my feet were hurting to much to try to fight against that feeling.

In need for internet, I should find the way to my host house, I tried in many cafes but with no luck, I ended up in McDonalds. Well, it didn’t have internet weither, but I managed to make the connection to some other wi-fi wireless, the entire time I could never understand where did it came from. After studying the way and drinking my coffee I went to the bathroomm, where a lady asked me for 40cents. I gave the money to her, feeling so unconfortable after already been paying for my coffee, my feet were still hurting too much to try to find other toilets. In the end, one of the ladies even grab my backpack and let it fall (with my computer inside).

Some more walking until my dorm and my host told me he was late. In two minutes I was in a nice park, sat on a bench with my shoes off and started reading a travel book. While this a girl approached me with an apple in her hand talking in dutch. In english she told me someone gave her the orange but she couldn’t eat it because she feels sick with fruit, so maybe I would want it myself. I said yes, and she left with a nice smile.

Funny, hum?


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