BlackNotebook Belgium Day 2

Left the house with the goal of buying some shoes, for some weird reason the boots I used to work with, were now with small walks hurting me a lot. I managed to find new shoes only by 7€, and when I left the shop Ghent was a new city for me. Well, it seems it wasn’t about Ghent my feelings the day before, but because I wasn’t comfortable.

I walked all the morning, but I could only enter in one cathedral, the castle was too expensive, and the other big churches closed. I never thought the city was so busy and touristic, the later it was more people were in the streets.

End up sitting next to the river like the day before, in the Graslei, area for boat trips and a lot of pubs. While I was eating something, I could listen to a man playing an instrument I couldn’t identify, and I spent some time observing a group of guys too drunk for 11 am.

I left after a bit, thinking of a sandwich I’d at home, still food I’d brought from Portugal. But while I was walking a sound commanded my steps, I followed it through new streets. A guy was playing the guitar, and it gave me some new feeling about this trip. I sat in a small garden and I stayed around a long time just listening. A lady with a fancy dress appeared with a photograph, I could see her pants most of the time from the weird positions she was making to the camera, right in the middle of the street (so funny), I couldn’t help myself from a big smile to her, who answered back with a serenity which did not match the whole scene. And I saw a couple dancing in that wonderful moment.

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I end up leaving because I was there for so long, and I didn’t know where else to sit, but I wanted to stay there the rest of the day. I was so thankful to that man and the magic he gave to the city and my day.

In the afternoon I took the courage for what the maps said was going to be a long walk to Blaarmeersen, but it seemed not that long after all, with all the parks, the river, and lakes, just a few minutes away from the center of the city (I love that mix!). I was always smiling to see entire families on their bicycles, and I’ve to admit I saw kids with 3 years riding better than me. Ghent seems to be a city of active and nice people.

I went back to the center dreaming of a warm soup, which was too expensive for my budget. In the center again I was surprised by a big number of bachelor’s parties.

I went back home to eat some yogurt for dinner. The guy from next door was playing the guitar and I sang along in those weird forms of communication.



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