BlackNotebook Belgium Day 3

It was time to leave Ghent and moving to a new city, Leuven.

Why Leuven? A month ago Sander, a belgium guy asked me to host him and two other friends for 4 days. It was like having friends around, those simple emphaties, suddenly my house was full of good energies. Ruben lives in Ghent, so he said I’d have a place to stay there, and Sander studies in Leuven, and also offered to host me. That’s why Leuven was in my map! And I’m happy for that…

I took my calm time in the morning, I couldn’t care much with hurry up. When I left the building I said goodbye to the guitar player neighbour, Daan, who gave me a map of Leuven, a city where he in fact has never been at.

I walked from the dorm to the train station to save 3€ of the tram, under the rain. My shoulders get sore very quickly, sometimes I’ve no idea how I managed to go to Santiago de Compostela walking. At the train station the information service sent me to the wong platform, and only by luck I didn’t end up in Antwerp instead of Leuven.

When I arrived I still had to wait for the hosts, and because it was sunday, everything was closed. I found out the building of my hosts and I spoke to their neighbor, who wasn’t a guitar player Daan, and when I told him about my urgence for a bathroom he sent me to a chinese restaurant. I felt so angry I didn’t even care pretending I was checking in the restaurant, I just kept walking.

Finally I found an open bar. There were beers and only six or seven men, but I couldn’t care less. The weird fact about this bar is that the urinals are in the common space of the bathroom entrace. So to go to the ladies or men bathroom you’ve to pass to this urinals section. There was no man, lucky me! Besides that the bar was very nice, and the owner was very interest in know who I was.

Already at home I studied and prepared my things for the next day, the European Parliment day… I had my first warm meal in three days, and I was invited to join the group for a Game of Thrones episode. There were guests for this special moment, I was told it was a very important episode. Not that I see the series, but I wanted to spend some time with people after two days of solitude. Everyone was impressed about the episode.

Before the episode, when I was on my way to a bath I found a guy in the living room, who asked me if I was from Portugal, and we talked for 1 minute maybe. Never saw him again, never asked who he was. I remember this kind of situation in my student’s appartment a few years ago.

It was a very calm grey day!

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