BlackNotebook Belgium Day 4

Today is the enterview day. I explain: a few weeks ago I wrote to the European Parliament Facebook chat asking them if it was possible to get an interview with the social media manager since my master thesis is about the Facebook communication of this institution. They immediately replied “Yes”, and that’s the whole reason for this trip to Belgium. I’ve to admit I never thought I would travel to Belgium in the next months, maybe years, but now I’m happy I did.

When I woke up it was raining cats and dogs, and all I had to the interview was a spring black dress. I never care much what to dress on hollidays, but this was different. When you’ve no solutions to your problems, they’re already solved, so I just made my best with the clothes on my bag, but I froze all day.

Already at the train, before my stop the tickets’ guy told me I was traveling in first class and my ticket was for second class. Lets be honest, if I was in Portugal I would know the difference, but that first class looked exactly like the secon class the day before. Later I asked how could I know I was in first class, and there’s a small number at the door. I mean, it could be just the car number! They were very rude at me, and I was really mad about it, but later Sander and his girlfriend told me they were surprised I didn’t get a fine, so I was quite lucky after all.

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Already in Brussels, I walked a lot until I found an ATM, and I didn’t know how to chose a cafe to go in. I needed to get warm. At Paul, which I already knew from France I felt safe and warm for a while, I read, I wrote and my stress was finally going away. I read about how idealisation brings you to bitterness, when things are not as expected, I guess I idealised Brussels, after Gent and Leuven.


After this stress episode and a warm drink Brussels was a lot better. But I’ve made the mistake of going to the European Parliament area too soon, and I’d to wait for so long that all my body seemed full of electricity, now I was nervous about the interview, and I think it’s so normal I didn’t blame myself. At the building, early 20 minutes (again!) there was no waiting room, so I stayed with the security guys for the whole time. I’ve heard their conversations (not bad salary), and I saw so many “simple” people coming in and out, that I was a lot more relieved when Karolina arrived. She was shy and nice, and very helpful. Me? I don’t think I’m not good at interviewing!

After that I met Diana, a friend from university that I haven’t seen in maybe four years. Even if we weren’t very close friends she knows how to make everyone feel happy and with energy. We went to a bar where I’d a beer (I usually don’t drink), and where I’d time to watch people come and go. When I think about it, Brussels is very multicultural, and that’s amazing. We went to the Grand Place, and it seemed way prettier than in the morning, to the maneken piss (wtf??) and we end up sitting in stairs waiting for my train. How I love to sit in stairs, how special it felt to me. Just for that, Brussels got so much closer to my heart.

I went back to Leuven where I’d a belgium meal waiting for me, french fries and more fried things. I usually don’t eat any of that, but it was nice of them wanting to give me the experience. Sander and his girlfriend are both awesome, we were talking about everything, and I got to know much more about Belgium, which is a weird country, full os divisions that seem to make not much sense.



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