«White Waves» the documentary

«I can either get angry and frustrated, or I can get angry and do something.»

Andy Cummins, SAS

Just came from seeing the documentary «White Waves», in Java, Peniche, an event organized by the Peniche Surf Club and the surfer Oscar Garcia. It’s not a surf film, it’s a documentary about the ocean pollution, people, and organizations that fight against it.

Why care? Is there that much pollution in our oceans? Yes, yes, yes.

I love the ocean enough to care about it just for the sake of it. But, if you don’t, at least do it for yourself.

This movie alerts for the fact that there are surfers in Europe (and easily we guess, all over the world), getting sick because of all the garbage, especially plastic, and sewage, we throw into the oceans.

You might not be a surfer…

but you eat fish 3 times a week!

but you love long summer days at the beach!

but your son spends the day playing in the waves!

You might not be a surfer, but hardly you escape from the consequences.

If I just imagine the chance of not being able to go into the water, to play in the waves, to take my board, or just walk along the beach in barefoot, my heart cries, and my eyes cry! As I cried while watching the film.

Ask yourself what can you change in your daily life that can help reduce plastic or the contamination of the water. Ask yourself if you’re not just being lazy not changing small daily gestures.

While I drive home I think that no matter if it’s 2 am, the first thing I’m doing at home is writing this text, in the hope that this tiny baby blog can reach at least one soul.

Check associations near your home, make events, spread the word, share your ideas.

For everyone, for all the travelers: this world is our home! It gives us all so much, it’s our duty to give something back. To care!

For more info:


Surfers Agains Sewage

Surfrider Foundation

White Waves

Thank you for reading!





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