The waiting, tuna waiting

I’ve told you how much we loved the experience of staying with a family in Maio. Because of that, we wanted to thank them! So we came up with a brilliant idea 😊

“Dercy”, we told the mother, “we want to thank you for being so nice to us, so we thought of buying a big fish at the beach, bring it home and make a dinner-party with you, your husband, your daughter, and Thony, the other volunteer.”

“Ok”, she said, “What time will you be home?”

“At 6 pm, we’ll be here for sure at 6 pm!”


Day after day we’d seen the boats arriving at the beach every afternoon, so the three of us (me, Wilson and Thony) went to the beach, next to this colored boats on the picture, and we spent the afternoon between the bar, snorkeling and getting some sun. Everything was being awesome, but suddenly we noticed there were no boats coming to the beach.

But for sure that wouldn’t be a problem. We asked around and a man told us the boat was coming in half an hour, which was perfect because in the morning I’d talked to a lady that was now waiting for us with a cooked local specialty, and half an hour would be perfect to try it and come back.

At 5.30pm (which means 30 minutes before 6 pm, when we were supposed to arrive home), we were at the beach again. At that time of the day, everyone comes outside, some guys do their training, the kids play and the woman talk. And among them, there were three Portuguese looking at the sea, waiting for the boat and watching the sun going down.

Where the hell was the boat?

img_7237     20161007_200358

Finally, around 6 pm we saw a boat (after the lady in the photo tried to convince to give her my shorts because she wanted for her one of my 2 “boyfriends”, she was hilarious). The boat was getting near the beach when it turned around into the ocean again. This was a desperation moment, we could only think of how would we go back home without a fish for dinner.

At some point, we notice the boat was next to some rocks and two kids were bringing some fishes (WHAT A RELIEF!). But this afternoon was full of precious moments: we asked for 2kg of fish (the ones in the photo), the lady weighed it and said “2kg”. I answered, “I’m sorry, I believe it says 4,5kg!”. And she gave me again a straight answer “2kg”. Ok, ok! But no plastic bag!


There we were, walking around holding a fish, we had now the new mission of how to find a way to get home (yup, there’s no public transport, and the vans don’t work after the sunset!). But we were so lucky, there were still a lot of vans picking people on the streets. We thought: “We’ll be only 45 minutes late. Yey!”.

We got into a van, and that’s when they told us “We still have to pick up some people arriving by boat to the island!”. In fact, this meant: go to the quay, wait 20 minutes for the boat, more 20 minutes for people, more I don’t know how long, for the luggage (which included cows, fish, etc.), and then, turn all the way around back to the village. Our village? No! The one we just wanted to leave like, an hour before, and leave everyone at their doors.

Only after that, we went to Morro, our home. It was 8 pm, we were two hours late, but at least we had some tuna!

Everyone was waiting for us to have dinner, as soon as we got in, we heard a loud “YOU ARE SO LATE!”

In the end stays a lesson, in Cape Verde, go with the flow!





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