A small action for a better future

“We are, quite literally, gambling with the future of our planet- for the sake of hamburgers”
― Peter Singer, Animal Liberation

Just a few weeks back a lot of us were watching “Before the Flood“. Now we are all thinking about Christmas gifts to buy. Many people can’t make the connection, the worry starts and ends like the movie. But many others struggle every day to have a more sustainable life, but get lost from time to time, like me. I don’t know about other countries, but in Portugal, to not accept a plastic bag is an insult, people almost run after us offering a plastic bag.


Pollution, ecology, sustainability is not just about plastic, right? But just a few days after “Before the Flood” I watched “White Waves” and I realized how much of our plastic consumption, among many other things, affects the ocean.

By this time, I wrote here that I wanted to learn on how to have a more sustainable daily life. Ok, I’ve been failing a lot, but I’ve been succeeding also. I’ll talk more about these ideas later.

For now, I just want to share the most simple action we can all take when we travel, or just when we take a walk on our favorite beach, city, countryside, anywhere basically. So, this is not original, at all (it’s the proposal of Coge3), but it’s so simple:

  1. You go out!
  2. You see plastic.
  3. You grab the plastic.
  4. You take it to the plastic recycling container.
  5. Share the idea with your friends and family.



But, but…

Does that mean you might have to take the plastic home? Does that mean you might have to take a few more minutes walking to find a recycling container? Does that mean you might have to remember to take some bag with you?

Well, yes! Do it! And then tell us, does it hurt?

You can still make nice photos, after all, 🙏🏼🤘🏽🏄🏾




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