Tips for Trips – How to travel on a small budget


This is not New Year season anymore, but since is my first post of the year: “Happy New Year Everyone!” I never make things as a normal person, anyway.

Last year my travel plans were sabotaged by life every two weeks. Yes, it was hard but I survived! No one guaranteed me it won’t happen again, but I’ve plenty of time and ideas for this year. Plenty of time, plenty of ideas, but not much money!

How much we spend on a trip is an everyday thing in travel blogs, but what I’ve found is that I can still take some new advice on this. So, I’ve decided to share what I’ve been doing.

  1. Portugal is quite a cheap country, so what I do is to take some food with me for the first and second day! Of course, the smart way here depends on the country you live, and where you’re traveling to.
  2. Bring dry fruits with you. They are caloric and healthy, and they last!
  3. Use Couchsurfing, or other similar options! Most of the times what happens is that I end up staying with people I’ve hosted at my house in Portugal, what means that I’m among friends all the time.
  4. Or check if there’s a homestay program. I did that in Cape Verde. It’s a really amazing experience, the money we paid was to help the family, the Foundation, and the cultural changes are stronger. Most of the times it’s cheaper than a hostel.
  5. Go to the supermarket and cook your own meals. When I went to Paris with my mom and my aunt, me and my aunt, we were completely broke at the time, so we’d bread and cheese, apples and coffee for four days.  Beans and pasta are always a good option as well. It’s not the healthiest diet, but it’s compensated with the good feelings you get by traveling and knowing new places, and it’s just for a few days.
  6. Find the free monuments/parks/museums, etc. and choose wisely the ones you want to pay to visit.
  7. Bring your own bottle and fill it with water at home/hostel/hotel.
  8. WALK! Use the public transports only when necessary (when I went to Barcelona I bought 10 tickets and we managed the 5 days with just that. I’m pretty sure I went to all the places everyone else goes!). You’ll walk a LOT and SEE much more!
  9. Chose wisely the souvenirs! Maybe there’s something for free in the nature that you can bring to your parents and friends. Always with respect, of course!
  10. Don’t travel in the high seasons or holidays!

Please share your own tips!

Thank you for reading 🙏🏾



2 thoughts on “Tips for Trips – How to travel on a small budget

  1. Hi! Nice tips! I used them too when I didn’t have much money to travel. Now that I’m a budget to midrange traveler I still like to use these kinds op tips to save money while traveling! My tip would be to eat out at lunch instead of dinner (if you don’t like preparing all of your meals by yourself). Loads of places offer the same menu for dinner but cheaper! Also, I try to get as many discounts on booking accommodation. Airbnb has a nice feature for getting a discount through friends and family booking through your link. It’s not a lot but it can add up to staying somewhere a few days for free 🙂

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    1. Hi Rose! Thank you for your coment. I’ve never been able to use the Airbnb discount, it just disapeared, maybe I did something wrong.
      About lunch, very, very good tip. I think most of the times people end up doing it the other way around, but it’s defenitly a cheaper choice 😀
      I’ve loads of fun traveling like this, is kind of addicting. I would like to have money for more experiences, like surf in the countries I travel to. Well, maybe one day!


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