Madrid: no guides needed

Organized minds want to organize everything, my mind always does that with favorites! I spent some time thinking, what do I prefer about Madrid? It was quickly clear to me, which were my preferred moments and places from Madrid.

1. Wandering

Madrid is a lively vibrant city! It’s made for people who like the sounds of the streets, of talking, laughing and spontaneous music. I literally spent my time dancing.

After the first hours consulting the map and walking through the main streets and avenues, I couldn’t help but follow the small or dark streets, the music, the hidden cafes and wander around, looking up as I love so much, stare at this huge city!

And then I stopped, I asked for a coffee and I looked at everyone, everywhere around me. I wanted to breathe in Madrid, not thinking about it, but feeling it. What a perfect moment.


The wanderer (by Wilson Nogueira)


2. La Coquette

… is a blues bar! A blues bar in an old, small basement! Dirty but sober, as a jazz/blues bar must be. At first, just a glance was allowed to us. It was too full. We left!

But I’d to come back! I’d to try at least. So I did come back, I waited without knowing if the music was also coming back or not, and it did. And I couldn’t feel happier that I left the house that night, to search for this basement blues bar, in the expectation of a cool jam session, but never imagined it could be so good!

La Coquette is one of those underground places, where you just let go and feel! Oh, how I love this kind of places! My eyes were shining, and even if I know we can’t memorize everything we would like to from the places we travel to, this piece of life I will never forget. The dark, the faces, the girl playing blues with a violin, the beautiful voices on the micro, the guitars…


I thought “I don’t want to talk about it.” but it comes in every Madrid jazz/blues guide you can get.

Madrid needs no more guides, it has enough. Madrid needs to be felt!




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