Why traveling?


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Why traveling? Why not act, sing, become the next president of Portugal? (I’ve wanted all in fact.)

I’m kidding! But, why traveling and writing? This deep need to go, to experiment, to live, to feel fears, and write about all that.

A few years back I was amazed by all the people I’ve known that were so brave, moving to other countries, backpacking for 6 months etc. etc. Back then I thought I could only be happy, be someone if I was doing all that.

Fortunately, I don’t think like that anymore. I mean, I don’t feel that I matter, or that I’m in peace, or I’m good enough, only if I travel far and I have all these adventures that live in my dreams.

Right now, you might be thinking: “So why do you travel AND run a blog?”

I LOVE TO TRAVEL AND I LOVE TO WRITE! That would be enough, but let’s talk a bit more about it:

  • I travel because it’s part of my nature to move! Really, even when I’m not doing big trips I’ve to see new places or do different things in the old ones. Sunday in pajamas is never my ideal plan. Get out of my comfort zone would probably be at home for one entire weekend!!
  • When I travel I feel that my awareness grows, my reactions get so quick, my eyes see everything. Like that time, when we arrived in Praia at 11 pm, and I’d this feeling there would be no taxis (and Praia is not safe at night), so while my boyfriend was still “waking up” I’d already found us a taxi that a Spanish couple who lived in Praia agreed to share with us.
  • I travel to learn! The more different the places are the more I learn.
  • To face my fears. Ok, I admit, I kind of hate to fly, but that’s not definitely the only one I’ve faced during my travelings.
  • I’m thrilled about new adventures and extreme situations. Once we went to a house that could only be reached by foot, with no electricity, no water, no bathroom. It was snowing 30 km away from us, and we were taking baths all naked outside in the woods. (Ok, I’ve more extreme ones, I’m saving them for later posts.)
  • Languages – the sounds… I always try to learn some words and speak (doesn’t work really well in cities like Paris or Barcelona, but I keep trying).
  • I’m excited about discovering the cultural differences, but also everything we’ve in common.
  • I always meet inspiring people, in their own way.
  • I’m radiant about having stories to share (I have this magnet for funny situations!).
  • I can’t’, I CAN’T spend one day without thinking about my next adventure.
  • Even if yoga keeps my mind in its place, I admit it helps to go somewhere else to free my mind for all the things I want to be doing all time.

I see traveling as learning opportunity, as a way to face my fears, to know myself better. In that way, my trips are also inside myself. As for the outside, there’s nothing better than connect with new cultures, see new places, keep the ability to feel amazed by the world, by the people.

Learning doesn’t come always with the good moments, I’ve had hard ones. Not everything is perfect, just because we’re traveling. Deal with that, learn from that, keep positive, that is probably one of my favorite lessons.

What is traveling to you? What are your challenges while traveling? 


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