What are sustainable products?!

Sustainability, ecology, green, are all trendy concepts, and new sustainable products pop-up every day. But are these products you are buying really sustainable? Let’s get through this.

A few months ago I was working at a digital marketing agency and my boss asked me to build a strategy for a fashion company. He said I should use keywords like sustainable, eco-friendly, etc. Because I’m really into this ecological lifestyle (or I’m trying as hard as I can), I asked him: “But are these products really sustainable?”. He didn’t know!


Working on new projects, I have been doing some internet research on sustainable products, and often I find this kind of products, but when I take a closer look, they are not justifying why they call themselves “eco-friendly”, or whatever other words they chose in this context. Many times, and sadly, they are not sustainable at all, and many times, even after the research you just don’t know why they are/they are not future-friendly.

So… maybe some of these products are sustainable, maybe even that fashion company I was supposed to design a strategy for has sustainable products, we just don’t really now. My point is: if you care about this world, do an informed research, ask for more information, etc. but really try to buy from honest companies. Because “eco-friendly” is trendy, and everyone wants to be it now.

And finally, what is sustainability after all? Have you thought about it?

Let’s think about this concept: Sustainable products for me are…

Thank you for reading, and please, share your own ideas about it!


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