Why I’m not happy with a portuguese beach being nominated as the most beautiful in Europe?

Last week my Facebook feed was full of proud titles about Galapinhos being the most beautiful beach of Europe. Why am I not happy about a beach from my country being nominated as the European’s most beautiful beach? Am I not proud?

Of course, I’m proud, but after what I’ve seen last week, I don’t know if I want this wild natural beautiful places to be known worldwide! Why? Let me tell you everything.

Last week I went to Serra da Arrábida, where Galapinhos is just one of the beautiful beaches you can find (not even my favorite, but that’s not the point). On the last day, Galapinhos was our destination, and we even saved a tasty breakfast to eat with the promised wonderful view.

Suddenly when we arrive, my boyfriend started to show signs of a bad mood. I’m not so good at making wild pathways so I was concentrated where I was putting my feet, and when we arrived at the beach, we sat at some rocks far from the sand. We had our meal and I told him, “If you’re not feeling good, we can go!”

He said yes, that he wasn’t feeling ok with all the garbage that he saw on our way down and at the beach (that I haven’t noticed because I was super concentrated on the way). Was when we started walking back that I realized how much shit was on the sand. I found beers bottles, of course, but also all the plastic that you can find in children food, bottles of water, bottles of juice, packets of cigarettes, and the list goes on and on. I started feeling sick as well, and I said we had to take some of this plastic with us.

When we did it someone said, “Look at these two, collecting plastic from the floor!” I didn’t think of a quick answer, but a few minutes later I stopped and I thought:

I didn’t come here for collecting plastic from the floor, NO! I came here because this is a wild natural beach and I wanted to lay on the sand, get some sun, and put my toes in this freezing beautiful water. I came here because I love nature, and I want to share my life with nature, spend my time in nature, take care of her. And that’s also why I can’t stay and pretend I don’t see what is happening here, and I can’t leave without doing at least what I can for now. I leave in tears when I was expecting to leave with the smile of someone who just met paradise.

We all love these nominations, this wild places, the secret spots. And we do these pathways that we wouldn’t do if it wasn’t all over the newspapers and if it wasn’t for the wonderful Instagram pics we can get. We take breakfast, lunch, snacks, but we can’t, no it’s TOD HARD to take the garbage we do again with us. Do people think it’s disgusting to carry it in the car until their houses? Is that the problem? Isn’t it worse to have kids playing on the sand full of shit?

Sorry for the emotional post, all I want is that more people do the simple thing of putting all the waste in its proper place, recycle, and if possible reuse. But sometimes, it really seems it’s too much to ask for. Please, remember, that nature gives us all this for free, please take care of nature too.

Just two more things:

  1. The beach was full of expensive, really expensive cars, so don’t think this is kind of a poor-uneducated people thing.
  2. I know a lot of people that contribute to my awareness, to the way that I care today. Thank you!

You can see the list of the most European most beautiful beaches on the link. Do you think any of them deserves any other treatment than to take care of its natural beauty?https://www.europeanbestdestinations.com/best-beaches-in-europe-2017/


2 thoughts on “Why I’m not happy with a portuguese beach being nominated as the most beautiful in Europe?

  1. Tive de partilhar!! É tão angustiante ver lixo no chão nas praias, nos jardins e nos pinhais… Se há coisa que não deixo é que meus próprios amigos e família deixem lixo no chão. São pequenos gestos que fazem a diferença! Continua ❤


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