Serra da Arrábida, Portugal

A taste of Thailand in Portugal, they say.

I’ve never been to Thailand, so I can’t say much about this, others can give their own opinion. One thing I’m pretty sure of, the waters are colder here.

I took three days off, the internet off, master thesis off, totally off from everything, except yoga, beach, and dating!

First, we stopped at Cabo Espichel, and I thought “Oh, another cape!”, not very excited about it. The fact is that the area is big and interesting to visit. We spent some time here, exploring and taking pictures.

Serra da Arrábida, Cabo Espichel
Serra da Arrábida, Cabo Espichel

We choose to stay at Parque de Campismo Forte do Cavalo, a few minutes away from Sesimbra, which is quiet nice, and you can walk to the beautiful beach Ribeira do Cavalo from there.


After taking a nap in the tent (Wow, taking naps is so unusual!), we went to Portinho da Arrábida, and we found some hidden and quiet places. The wind was strong, and I felt tired and cold, so we didn’t stay for longer. But we’d a nice surprise when we drove back to the camping site.

Praia de Alpertuche, Portinho da Arrábida
Resting at Alpertuche Beach
Raposa na Serra da Arrábida
Little Fox came to say “Hi!”

I’ve been talking about going to Ribeira do Cavalo since almost two years ago. Most of the times I keep low expectations, but not this time, and my high expectations were completely satisfied. It is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been, but the water was so cold. It wasn’t Summer already, so maybe it is better at the right season for baths!

Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo, Serra da Arrábida
Ribeira do Cavalo Beach
Ribeira do Cavalo Beach

For the night we went to Sesimbra, and we talked for hours with the company of a glass of wine (not so good though). The next day we’d a bad surprise. Someone, some years ago, decided that this protected area was the perfect space to build a huge factory. When we found it, was like waking up from a dream… it’s sad. Also, the next beaches we visited we full of garbage, read more about it, on my other post: Why I’m not happy with a portuguese beach being nominated as the most beautiful in Europe?

Luckily, before that, we took a long and nice walk in the natural park, which lead us to an amazing view of the ocean! Where are the photos? It was too foggy to take good photos, but what I can tell is that on the main road you can see these paths, and you just have to pull the car and follow them.

What would I change?

The attitudes towards nature, the big factory and… I would love to stay for longer.

Serra da Arrábida
Admiring the amazing nature.

This trip reminds me of something! There are beautiful places everywhere. I love to travel far, but I need to keep my eyes opened for what I’ve so close!


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