Open World Awards Lisboa 2017, by momondo

We went to the Open World Awards, by momondo yesterday, a bit as Breathing in Trips, a bit as Susana and Wilson, the “writer” and the “photographer”. Some of the best portuguese travel blogs were at the finals (I didn’t make it there) and it was a great chance for networking (or should be, if you’re good at that). Either way, it was a great chance to see people I admire.

During the event I’d the mixed feelings, from “I’ve to travel more, I’ve to create better content!” and all the admiration I feel from some of those bloggers and travelers. I’d to take it easy with all these feelings, this blog started because I love to travel and I always write about it, and that is even stronger now than before.

About the prizes: the second place was for the project with more votes from the audience, and the first was a choice from the jury. They did a great work, in my opinion. No doubts that the prizes were for quality, and that, nowadays is sometimes rare and a great attitude, giving more credibility to the contest.


I wasn’t in the great group of the finalists, and I shouldn’t be there anyway, but it felt good to be there, meet great travelers, the ones who write and share everything, and the ones no one knows they are traveling and don’t care about blogs and views, and for my audacity in working and sharing all this, and for participating in the contest.

Here are my favorite portuguese blogs (in case you speak/read portuguese):

Alma de Viajante:

Uma Foto, Uma História:

Human Eyes:

Viajar entre Viagens:




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