The plastics, again and again

Since October, when I met Oscar Garcia and I saw White Waves, the documentary, that one of my goals is to alert people to the problem of plastics.

I, myself, have a long way to go. I’m far for being a zero waste person,  but I’ve reduced a lot, I reuse much more, and I always recycle.

Last Saturday I went with some friends for a walk on the beach. After a few kilometers, the plastic on the beach was everywhere, and we couldn’t just look away, but we had no bags with us to carry the plastic.

First, we saw a big net and we used it to collect some garbage, then we found an old big balloon, then some plastic bags and we even utilized a line fishing to tie the plastic bottles. So, it’s always possible to do something, even if it is a little something.

This was in Portugal, and I found some bottles from Spain. At first, I thought that maybe some travelers had brought yogurts from home, or something, but then I found clean up products bottles, and it just made me realize, see with my own eyes how this works.

We had to close our eyes to a lot of trash so that we could at least recycle all that we had collected already.

Later on, we went to a run in Peniche, really close from the beach we’d been during the afternoon. After the run, we took a walk, and there were water bottles everywhere on the floor. I get it, people were running… so, I can let this one go, but the city hall should never wait for the next day to clean all this.

Last… the greed for this bottles of water, that were free…




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