Glamping in Portugal

O Homem Verde

I was dying to try glamping for a long time now. When I check the photos I can feel it’s totally my type of thing, but most of the times way beyond my budget.

We had a short break of 6 days starting last Tuesday, and by Monday I’d no idea where we were going or staying. Our first option was Flores, in the Azores, but by the day we decided to buy the tickets the price went up a few hundreds of euros, so we gave up on that. Besides, there was a pre-requisite: no crowded places, in July in Portugal, it’s not an easy task.

On Monday afternoon, Wilson googled “Glamping in Portugal”, and we found an article from with some ideas. O Homem Verde got us because of the glass Yurt rooftops that allow watching the stars. We called, they didn’t have a Yurt available, only a Moorish Tent. We said we would stay. By this time I’d check already there was a cascade really close to it, so I definitely wanted to stay there.

We're in the Nature-2.jpg

This was a last minute decision, and when I got the confirmation, I realized how stupid I’d been the days before, spending so much time worried about not having everything sorted out. O Homem Verde was the perfect place, exactly what we needed, and in some way it came to us, I knew it! 

moorish tent

Our tent was lovely (even without the glass rooftop) and comfy. We’d a great space outside just for ourselves, with an outdoor kitchen. They have dry eco toilets, which are perfectly organized and clean. And my favorite thing about this place was the shower (I tried to have a photo of it, but I totally failed, or my phone totally failed on me), trying to describe it: it’s made of wood, and I could see the mountains and feel the fresh air on my skin. Is there anything better than this? Absolutely loved it. Everything about this place has good vibes, even the cats, and the rabbits.

view from bathroom

It allowed us to rest, to calm down our hearts and mind, to cry and laugh. It is surrounded by wonderful rivers, mountains, cascades. What a blessing such a good last minute decision!

us on our moorish tent



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