Dark wings, dark words

I heard and saw crows flying over our heads. Wilson said “Dark wings, dark words.”
Is it from Game of Thrones, I asked. “Yes!”. We both laugh, but then we saw smoke.

fire smoke.jpg

We knew we were traveling to an area where a lot of fires are taking place this year. Our parents were worried and asked us to keep an eye on the news. Surrounded by trees and living in a tent, we knew there was a chance a fire would occur close to us.

I didn’t feel afraid at all, more cautious than usual, but no fear. There were two sources of fire that day, one far away, and the other closer, but we don’t know where it was coming from.

The air was smelling like burned eucalyptus, even inside the tent, but the next day the sky and the air were clean again. Two days after that, a fire started on the other side of the hill, while we were spending some time by the river. We saw a helicopter operating, fortunately, soon it was extinguished.


I had no idea what all those burned hectares announced on the news, meant. We took pictures from places from where as far as the eye can see everything in burned. We stopped at a village where you can still smell the burned land from a fire that took place more than a month ago.

burned land.jpg

I would still tell everyone to go. Why?

These places are still beautiful. The area that is not burned is still huge and close to the rivers, swimming pools, historic villages things are not burned.

We can always be cautious. Maybe even more careful with the way we act towards nature, and not just ourselves and our family.

These communities need support and help, and the best we can do it from now on, is to make them feel their land still matters, we still want to visit it. I saw the despair in one man’s eyes, his restaurant should be full in July, and there was no one there to eat. We need to bring some hope.

Watch it on the news, or live it is totally different. We need to see with our own eyes to realize the magnitude of things. Also, I listen and read everywhere that other trees rather than eucalyptus can help stop the fire, while these act like fuel to the fire. But there, in the field, I saw it with my own eyes, that when the fire reaches these other trees it stops.

burned land-5.jpg

I get it, no one wants to have a break to suffer! Well, I didn’t! I spend the best time in this area, it’s full of wonderful and calm places, and it will always be.


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