São Tomé, Part II

I honestly thought it was going to be easier to talk about São Tomé, or that I didn’t have that many photos to share. The truth is not only that I can spend hours talking about it, but also that I have so many more photos that I want to share with everyone. But for now, these ones do quite a good job for the big picture.

Levels of honesty: High!

There’s something I don’t like about travel blogs, and some travel books, which is, that everything sounds perfect! To travel is not always perfect, and talk about it should be fine.

I spent two days in the capital between staying on the mountain and moving to the beach. I hated it when I first got there. I couldn’t sleep with the cars and motorcycles, with a dog crying all night, the air is not clean, most men were trying to talk to me (not in a nice way), and it is a mess! I ended up understanding the city, but it took me going back there three times. I still don’t recommend it as a place to stay during the trip (sorry to all the hotels there!), especially if you feel the need to rest your head from the busy life.

The markets are completely crazy, and quite confusing at the beginning, but the colors are amazing, and the fruits the best! With time you get used to it, and end up loving to get around!


Destination: Santana!

Santana is a nice community, still in the north part of the country. There are some surfers around and we took the chance to have some boat trips and to go surfing. Like with the capital we struggled with it sometimes, but the truth is that we’ve met people and saw places that turned it all into a big magic story.


The kids finish their day with a bath on the calm water of the ocean, then they dance and play. They are too funny when they dance!


Our house was like a dream house! Almost no walls, with an amazing view towards the sea and the sunrise.



One of the days we went to the other part of the north, to Praia dos Tamarinos. We watched the sunrise and the sunset on the ocean on the same day!



After going to surf in one of the public transports, with loads of boards, and almost 15 more people in a car for 9, we got a car for ourselves! But to keep up with the spirit, 6 people in a car where barely fit 4!


Praia das Sete Ondas, one of my favorite!



And the sunrise from our bed!


Changing places to São João de Angolares.




Pigs on the beach? It’s just normal!


These places have many stories! I’m taking my time to write those since they are so special in our hearts.


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