São Tomé, the beautiful South

I have to surrender to the mainstream sayings about São Tomé, in the south is the magic of this island!

Wild beaches with no one around, the tones of blue and green, warm waters, turtles coming to the beach every night, bungalows in the sand. My heart was stolen there!

When I’ve heard that there was a city in the South, I had no idea what that meant. This part of the island is quite poor, with no infrastructures, and some social problems that I haven’t heard about in other parts. Ironically, it is also where we had some of the most amazing moments.

In Praia da Piscina, with my friends that randomly booked flights for the exact same period! How awesome?




Our hotel and the beach where I first saw a turtle coming out of the water! It was one of the most exciting moments of my entire life! This is considered by many the most beautiful beach of the island. I have to say I prefer the previous one.




From the South, you can sail to Ilhéu das Rolas. This tiny island has only one small community but it’s worth the time and money. It is also in the equatorial line:


This colors!


I don’t want to say goodbye!


If we could have more photos? We could, but we don’t care!

And the last one, back to the North, the last sunset!



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