Please, 2018, be gentle

2017 was rough!

It’s funny how, even though I’m super positive all of the time, when I look back I tend to highlight the dark moments.

2017 was:

  • Anxiety
  • Too many expenses
  • Not enough traveling
  • Injuries
  • Sleepless nights
  • Living more other’s dreams than my own


2017 was also a bunch of good things:

  • Finally went to São Tomé
  • Finished my master thesis, with a high qualification
  • Learned a lot and became much tougher
  • Got BiT a nice logo, thanks to Brígida Santana
  • Gave a lot of yoga classes, one of my goals and dream


I feel that I have used a lot of my energy in the wrong directions, I feel like never before that I lost my self a little bit on the way.

I truly hope 2018 will be way more gentle than 2017! It’s even hard to draw my goals when these last days of the year are such a mess with everything that happened.

One of the things I’ve been considered a lot is about the future of this blog. 2018 might be a year of staying, instead of going. Does it make sense that I continue writing here if I’m not traveling? I could use some help here, making up my mind.


You all, have a good 2018, I hope that it’s gentle for you too.


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