Low budget traveling

Low budget trip! But how much is it?

Traveling with a small budget gets easier and easier, increasing the number of travelers and trips. Although, this seems to be quite a subjective concept.

First of all, it depends on the money you have. Low is quite easier when you have money because when you don’t, every 5€ spent feel like buying the most expensive Channel bag (do they sell bags? I’m not really good on the section “luxury products”.)

It also depends on the time you have to travel. I find it quite simpler to travel on a low budget when I have more time. Nowadays it’s not complicated to get free accommodation and some food in exchange for work, but that only counts if you have at least, the very least, two weeks. This option might help you to know better the culture and spend more time with local people, but it will definitely be different when it comes to visiting the nicest places around since you have to work for some of the time.

This means, that low budget also depends on your approach to traveling! If you want to go to all of the attractions, visit all the museums, check every party, etc. the price will easily rise.

Your destination will also have a huge influence on it. For my last trip, I bought really cheap flights (Ok, not cheap when I look at the money I currently have but compared to what they used to cost,) when I started to look at the prices of the accommodations, activities, restaurants, etc. I regretted that spontaneous decision, for a while (and I had to find more jobs to pay for my trip).

And there are way more things, do you need a Visa, can you hitchhike or you will have to use paid public transportations to get around, are there any couchsurfers? The list goes on and on.

What I mean is:

We talk a lot about traveling nowadays, we talk a lot how easy it is, so simple to get to the other side of the world. Everyone is talking a lot, but each one of us has their own context.

It’s true, that I know a lot of people that have done crazy beautiful trips without spending almost any money. But do we all have, or can have, or want to have one straight year to do it?

From my point of view, this world of travelers needs to a be a little bit more honest, but also, respect and if possible, support those who are dreaming but have so many different backgrounds.

What is really a low budget trip?

Sometimes, we can only travel by foot to the nearest park, sometimes we can afford to have a drink, and sometimes we can travel the world, but each story is a different story.


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