Yoga Playlist

Hello everyone.

When I first started to do yoga by myself I was still living at my parents’, and I used to listen to an old CD with piano versions of popular songs. Later, I started to look for online playlists, but I didn’t like much the ones I found.

It took me a while, and some research to create my own list of music. Although I like to practice with my soundtrack, I also love to do it with no music at all, and I often try out different styles: Foo Fighters and the XX are just some examples.

Listening some kind of music is not a necessary thing to practice yoga, but I have to admit it helps me to get into the mood, to disconnect from the world, my own “problems” and see everything from another perspective. Because of that, most of the times I play some music.

Besides listening to these songs when I practice, I love to put it when I want to feel calm, sit on my sofa, and read my books. By writing this, I just realized I urgently need to do it.

I hope you like my music selection, and I accept suggestions since I’ll keep adding new songs to it. Please, feel free to leave your favorite songs in the comments, and let me know what you think.

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