Yoga, did you know…

Hey! How is the week going? I wanted to wait a little longer to share this post since only two days ago I did another one on my Yoga Playlist, but I couldn't keep it any longer. There are a lot of misconceptions about yoga nowadays. The reasons are countless. I have decided to create a … Continue reading Yoga, did you know…


Yoga Playlist

Hello everyone. When I first started to do yoga by myself I was still living at my parents', and I used to listen to an old CD with piano versions of popular songs. Later, I started to look for online playlists, but I didn't like much the ones I found. It took me a while, … Continue reading Yoga Playlist

My own yoga story (in the last months)

I have been into yoga since I'm 11! I wish that meant I have been doing yoga since that age, but no, for years I was on and off. Around three years ago, without me making any serious decision about it, a little by accident, I've started to take classes regularly, around 4 times a … Continue reading My own yoga story (in the last months)

Small breaks – microadventures

Porto Portugal

A microadventure is an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding. Alaister Humphreys While I was growing up, my parents didn't really have the chance to travel far. After living for about a decade in Switzerland (I was born there) back to Portugal, and long story … Continue reading Small breaks – microadventures

Low budget traveling

Low budget trip! But how much is it? Traveling with a small budget gets easier and easier, increasing the number of travelers and trips. Although, this seems to be quite a subjective concept. First of all, it depends on the money you have. Low is quite easier when you have money because when you don't, every … Continue reading Low budget traveling

Please, 2018, be gentle

2017 was rough! It's funny how, even though I'm super positive all of the time, when I look back I tend to highlight the dark moments. 2017 was: Anxiety Too many expenses Not enough traveling Injuries Sleepless nights Living more other's dreams than my own 2017 was also a bunch of good things: Finally went … Continue reading Please, 2018, be gentle

São Tomé, an alternative guide

Warning:  a guide for the more adventurous travelers! Read all the normal guides, and then add some of this tips. São Tomé and Principe is an amazing country that I would advise anyone to come and visit. To do it though, and to be happy there, you need to leave some of your conceptions behind. … Continue reading São Tomé, an alternative guide