São Tomé, the beautiful South

I have to surrender to the mainstream sayings about São Tomé, in the south is the magic of this island! Wild beaches with no one around, the tones of blue and green, warm waters, turtles coming to the beach every night, bungalows in the sand. My heart was stolen there! When I've heard that there … Continue reading São Tomé, the beautiful South


São Tomé, Part II

I honestly thought it was going to be easier to talk about São Tomé, or that I didn't have that many photos to share. The truth is not only that I can spend hours talking about it, but also that I have so many more photos that I want to share with everyone. But for … Continue reading São Tomé, Part II

São Tomé, the starting point!

Travel slow, that was our goal, to slow down the rhythm, to live next to the locals, to try the flavors of the earth. It rained a lot, and unexpectedly it did a little cold too. It was hard for me to slow down, to not see the horizon all the time, but so important. … Continue reading São Tomé, the starting point!

Kitchen Talk – Katy Deodato

Tomorrow, 14 Dec, Katy Deodato, who has been so kind to share her stories in Asia in this blog, is going to cook the asian flavors while she shares her most amazing adventures around the world. A cozy event, with one of my heroes, in my hometown! I couldn't be happier to share with everyone … Continue reading Kitchen Talk – Katy Deodato

Lisboa: a life changer

by Matteo Croce Foreword This is the first time I write something about myself or any experience somehow related to me. And yet, as they say, there’s always a first time. So here I am, thanks to Susanna, to her inspiring blog and to the power of the experience I am about to tell you … Continue reading Lisboa: a life changer