Tips for Trips

When I went to Madeira Island there were so many useful tips I wish I knew before my trip,  that I’ve decided to start this blog and share all those things I’d only find being “there”. Those texts were named Tips for Trips!

Read, comment, share! 😊

Pulau Rote, vamos à Indonésia com a Katy

Sun Set Bo'a Beach

How to travel on a small budget


Making a Backpack for rainy days (video)


Timor Leste (em português, by Katy Deodato)

Timor e as suas crianças

Berlenga Island


Silver Coast Wonderful Portugal


Baleal, Peniche, by BiT

South West Alentejo and Vicentine Coast


Poeta, by BiT

Portugal is more than just Lisbon (Monsanto)

portugal tours com pt

Monsanto, Portugal

Amboise (The Center of France – Part I)

Center of France ( Tours – Part II)

Center of France (Blois et Chambord – Part III)

Amboise 6WP

Amboise, France, by Susana Anastácio

Madeira Island


Madeira Island, by BiT


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